The S L Social School - Insta Grow

Created & taught by Sarah Louise Smith

Course description

INSTA GROW is an online course with 8 lessons teaching you how to bring your business to life with Instagram

You will learn how to...

✓ Create beautiful posts without expensive photo shoots
✓ Understand the best practices for getting started and creating your presence
✓ Make your Instagram bio get found
✓ Reap the rewards from the latest Instagram algorithm
✓ Build a natural community of followers in just 3 minutes each day
✓ Plan ahead to save you time and make you money
✓ Discover how to get better results, faster

1 week to improve your Instagram account is totally possible and I’m going to teach you how.

Sarah x
Sarah Louise Smith
Sarah Louise Smith

The therapeutic discovery of painting enables me to temporarily detach myself from the world and immerse myself into some form of meditation. It takes me to a higher place and reminds me of what I love and who I am. Once I have finished painting, I feel so positive and energetic, yet soothed.

Art therapy has been proven to significantly decrease anxiety by 71%, as it helps you express your feelings and focus on the moment; something that can be hard to do when you feel on edge, panicky or fearful.

I truly believe that art has helped with my anxiety, bringing a sense of calm when I paint and joy when I gift it to others.

Now, I cannot imagine a life without art.