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Are you fed up of Facebook? 

Find you use Instagram only because you prefer it?

Tired of spending ages writing posts & creating content only to get zero likes or sales?

Then you need my help.

I'm going to show you the Secrets to Social Media Success that no one else is telling you.

Once you learn everything I have to teach, suddenly it will all make sense & you WILL start to see a huge difference in gaining sales, clients & customers.

Here's how you will benefit from taking this course:

Module One:
✔️️ Create a customer persona to enable you to write better posts in half the time
✔️️ Find which social media channels your customers are on, so you're not wasting your time being active where they are not!
✔️️ Set clear social media goals, so you can see what your efforts are delivering for you each month

Module Two:
✔️️ Discover how to quickly create a bank of content themes to make content creation and planning much easier
✔️️ How to understand what all the numbers are telling you and how adapting little things, like the time you post, will increase your reach
✔️️ 26 post ideas for you to use today if you've hit a block of what to post
✔️️ 12 months worth of awareness days PLUS a social content calendar template so you can start planning immediately and save loads of time
✔️️ Step by step tutorial for how to use to create stunning images that convert to sales, for free!

Module Three:
✔️️ A walk through of how to populate and schedule all your content in under 1 hour, to save you the costs and hassle of hiring an intern
✔️️ How to boost posts on Facebook and Instagram effectively, for as little as £1 which are guaranteed to generate clicks, calls and sales for you
✔️️ Learn how to keep using your old content month after month and keep it sounding fresh

You can save yourself an hour a day. That’s 30 hours a month you can devote to something you love.

What's included in this course:

✨ 3 modules with a total of 21 video lessons

✨ Each lesson taught via video & PDF slides

✨ 24/7 access to the course for 12 months

✨ 6 templates & downloads worth £35

✨ The freedom to complete in your own time

✨ Membership to a private Facebook Group for students to communicate

✨ One off investment of £79

Useful Free Resources To Try

There will be templates and worksheets for you to download throughout the course. To help get you started, here's a couple of my students favourite resources:



What my students have to say...

Stacey Harrison "I would love to give you a big hug right now!"

Rebecca Mears "After learning how to read my Facebook Insights, it looks like blog posts & live videos are the right goal for me. No more wasting time with photos."

Claire Smith "Brilliant - you have just made my life so much clearer and easier by getting me to sort things out in this way. THANK YOU!!!

Jenny Oakenfull "One of the things Sarah has taught me is about self confidence and believing in my business and that I do know what I'm talking about."

Debra Lumb "I love all your tutorials, so full of knowledge, inspiration and advice. It's just brilliant, thank you for all that you've done x"

Jane Rhodes "You are a real inspiration and I love watching your videos."

Elizabeth Stanley "My reach in the last 5 days has gone crazy! Eek x"

Lynne Thompson "I've heard about Canva before and had an account but never used it. After watching your lesson, it's amazing how I went on and played with it and achieved far more than I ever imagined I could!"

Lisa Rowley "I am loving your content. You have covered so much already it's fab! 😊"

Sarah Louise Smith

Sarah Louise Smith


The therapeutic discovery of painting enables me to temporarily detach myself from the world and immerse myself into some form of meditation. It takes me to a higher place and reminds me of what I love and who I am. Once I have finished painting, I feel so positive and energetic, yet soothed.

Art therapy has been proven to significantly decrease anxiety by 71%, as it helps you express your feelings and focus on the moment; something that can be hard to do when you feel on edge, panicky or fearful.

I truly believe that art has helped with my anxiety, bringing a sense of calm when I paint and joy when I gift it to others.

Now, I cannot imagine a life without art. 


📲 +44 7793 279296 (UK)
📹 Skype: Sarah_SLSocial

Course Includes

22 Videos

4 Multimedia

2 Texts

21 PDFs

1 Download

21.0 hrs

Here's what you gain access to: