Course Description

So, here it is. The no bull way of getting your content sorted for social media.

ONLY £9.99!

I have created many online courses before, but this is different. In fact I wouldn't call it a course! More of a library of resources.

I understand we are all busy. I don't want to give you something else to do and I don't want to overcomplicate things; there's no need.

I have created a total of 19 resources for you, but condensed it into 3 key areas so it's easy to follow and dip in and out of. 


Let's start with the planner. It's a 176 page PDF document that you can work from on-screen, via your mobile or even print off to make your own handy file.

The planner is split into each month of the year for 2020 and walks you through areas to focus on that month; in workbook style so you can add notes if you like.

Subjects include goal setting, social advertising, customer profiling, video ideas, branding, working with bloggers, monthly reviews and tons more! 

The planner contains key dates and trending hashtags per month in a beaut calendar format, making it easy for you to plan ahead and think of content ideas to tie in with them.

There's also 12 inspirational wallpapers and screensavers as a cute little bonus. 

Here's a little 3 minute flipbook video to show you all the pages inside...


I've stepped away from talking directly to the screen, not because I am shy or lacking interest in you, but because I want to just 'get on with it!' I want to provide you with simple and easy to follow advice that is laser focused. 

The video is a screen recorded walkthrough of the 176 page Planner where I talk about everything I have written, page by page, explaining what I mean and offering suggestions to help you along the way.

I used to create Facebook Groups to offer help but you told me it was yet another thing on your to-do lists and you felt pressured to participate. With this downloadable video tutorial alternative you can watch at your leisure, skip the bits you're not interested in and replay as many times as you want!

Here's a FREE sneak look at what the intro workbook and January's tutorial looks and sounds like...


Finally, I wanted to hand over the templates I have used with global brands. Why? Because they work! I have been using these templates for years and years, passing them on to my clients too. Some may look daunting if you're not an Excel Queen! but be reassured once you watch me use them, you'll also find it a doddle!

Some you may use for your monthly planning, some may not be relevant for your business and some may become your holy grail.

Here's another video I want to share with you so you can see exactly what you're going to get; A range of 16 highly useful (and editable) templates to download. This video has no sound, but takes you inside the online 'course' so you can see what to expect and watch how to access and download each of the templates...

So there you have it.

A ton of information, coupled with appealing design and easy to use formats.

£9.99 one off fee for lifetime, unlimited access


If you scroll to the very bottom, you will see the full detail of what you'll be getting once you make your payment. In summary you will gain:

  • The 176 page 2020 planner in PDF format, allowing you to view on your phone, laptop or print out. Complete with a page by page walk through video tutorial.

  • 12 month calendar in Google Docs showing all the awareness days and key dates to use as themes for your marketing 
  • 16 editable templates and trackers, ready to download and use
  • 30 instant ideas to create social media posts that will gain engagement
  • Blogger database of over 250 bloggers to contact!
  • Beaut month-to-view calendars of key awareness days to save to your phone or print off for your office wall

  • 12 inspirational wallpapers and screensavers for motivation

And if that doesn't get you going, this is what you will achieve in a nutshell:

  • No more overwhelm, frustration or juggling when it comes to new content creation
  • Clear goal setting so you can accomplish more in less time with great success
  • Planning made super easy
  • Templates and tips that huge brands implement every day
  • Map out your ideas and turn them into measurable goals

All of this is going to give you:

So, stop stressing over your content and start seeing results fast.

Buy today for a one-off investment of £9.99


Sarah Louise Smith

Sarah is a highly experienced Social Media Coach with over 14 years of experience in the advertising and online marketing industry. Sarah is not like the other social media 'gurus' and 'experts' that only have theoretical knowledge about what could or should work in social media. She has proven success with global brands, including B&Q, NHS, Google, ITN, Heineken and Harvey Nichols, plus 100's of female entrepreneurs.Sarah founded S L Social in 2015 to teach female entrepreneurs how to connect to their customers and clients using social media marketing methods.Offerings include 1-2-1 coaching, online courses and an affordable social media monthly subscription service - all providing female entrepreneurs with resources and tools they need to increase brand awareness, drive more leads and increase sales via social media. Sarah says "I am where I am today because other women helped me & for that reason, I'll always support women."

Course curriculum

  • 2

    2020 Creative Content Planner (176 Pages)

    • 2020 Creative Content Planner

  • 3

    Video Tutorial

    • Page by Page Video Walkthrough of the 2020 Creative Content Planner

  • 4

    Strategy & Planning Templates

    • Audit & Review of Your Social Media Accounts

    • Goals, Research, Competitor Analysis & Reporting

    • Social Media Strategy Document

    • Digital Marketing Project Plan

  • 5

    Content Creation & Management Templates

    • 2020 Month To View Awareness Days Calendar (Google Docs)

    • 30 Days of Social Media Content Ideas

    • Monthly Social Content Calendar Template

    • Social Media Reporting Template

    • Facebook Competition Rules

    • Social Media Employee Guidelines

  • 6

    Blogging Templates

    • Blog Post Planning Calendar

    • Blogger & Influencers Database (list of 250 bloggers with contact details)

  • 7

    Facebook & Instagram Advertising Templates

    • Facebook & Instagram Ad Planning

    • Detailed Targeting List for Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  • 8

    Spend & Budget Templates

    • Digital Marketing Budget Planner

    • Advertising Spend Tracker