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Your 2019 Guided Learning to Social Media | taught by Sarah Louise Smith

Course description

2019 CAN Be Your Year for Social Media Success

She Smashed Social is an online toolkit written & presented in a way that easily walks you through the required steps to create a year long social media content plan for your business.

It will arm you with ideas for what to post, help you plan content, teach you how to boost posts effectively, go live with confidence, leverage influencers & create engaging imagery.

All with just a couple of hours dedication every month - seriously, this is going to save you so much time so you can focus on the rest of your business. 

You can choose to be guided month by month, accessing all the resources you need on the 1st of every month online OR access everything today so you're ahead of the game.

Here's what's included:

✨ I have 2019 trending events all mapped out for you in a snazzy digital calendar. 

✨ Every month, I will walk you through potential content ideas for that month via video, as well as tell you what you should be focusing on for the month.

✨ You will be given access to a bundle of workbooks, templates & checklists every month that teach you everything I coach to global brands such as ITN, Heineken & Harvey Nichols. 

✨ These resources will be explained in a short video from me, where I explain the background to why I have produced them for you & how you can implement my tips to save time & make money.

Here are your investment options:

Sarah Louise Smith
Sarah Louise Smith

Hello! I'm Sarah Louise.

I started S L Social in 2015 after spending 14 years in senior positions across UK advertising agencies, where I worked with global brands such as B&Q, Jet2, Screwfix, NHS, MissGuided and La Redoute. 

In my 1st year of business, my clients included Google, ITN, Heineken and Harvey Nichols, but I didn't want to work with large companies anymore. I knew there were 100's of female entrepreneurs and small businesses out there that wanted to work with an agency but just didn't have the budget. So, I bring my high level agency knowledge to people just like you yet for a fraction of the cost. Why? 'cos I just want to help.

Over the years, so many people have loved my no-nonsense approach and I have been recognised for many business awards including Top 100 UK Business voted by The Guardian in 2018 and an honour of  achievement at No. 10 Downing Street. See, I know my shizz! You can trust me.

Some of the skills I can offer include data analysis, market research, design, web build, lead generation, online course building, social media training, consulting, and reporting.

All my recommendations are based on what is best for YOU and your business alone.

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