Course Description

If you're a female entrepreneur with your own business then you'll know the importance of social media marketing.

You will also know that it can be tough to know what to post and how to keep your fans engaged.

You are probably feeling both disheartened and stressed when it comes to managing your social media.

That can all be resolved with my help and guidance.

For an affordable £20 per month, you will receive workbooks, planners and templates that take you from being stressed out and self-taught to relaxed and knowledgeable.

Becoming a member will give you access to... 

Stylish workbooks, planners, checklists, printables & templates

Social posts, desktop/mobile wallpapers & motivational quotes

Fresh training content every 30 days

Private online community to gain support

Guest experts sharing business tips

Here's a look at some of the resources you will receive every 30 days...

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The S L Social Club for?

Business owners, female entrepreneurs, bloggers - if you have a product or service to offer and a limited budget to do so, this option is ideal for you. The content you read will teach you valuable strategies for building your online presence.

How much does it cost?

£20.00 per calendar month

How do I access the training materials?

You’ll get your own login and password as soon as you join. You can then access the library of resources online at any time, 24/7, 365 days of the year! Fresh content will be available to you every 30 days from the day you subscribe. There will be optional weekly reminder emails to track your progress too.

How soon can I start?

I have written and created 12 months’ worth of content which is waiting for you to unlock in the members area, so you can access your first bundle of content within minutes of enrolling.

There are tons of free training classes available online, so why is yours paid?

Good question! Well, I have been Head of Social Media in Global Ad Agencies for 12 years prior to starting my own social media coaching business. So, unlike 90% of the 'experts' out there, I can guarantee that you are learning from the best. Yes, there are hundreds of freebies out there but my content has been carefully crafted based on the exact work I carry out for brands such as ITN, Harvey Nichols and Heineken.

Can I leave at any time?

I know you’ll never want to leave me! But if you want to take a break, you can cancel your membership at any time. No obligation, no contract, opt out at any time with ease.

What if I want all the content now?

You will receive 8 fresh digital training downloads every 30 days for 12 months. However, if you wish to have access to all 96 documents now you can do. It will cost you £240 and I shall send everything to you once payment is received. To choose this option, pay here >


Do you need extra help to push things forward? Perhaps you like to be made accountable or just a prefer to have a helping hand?

Well, for an extra £30 per month, I will help you work through each of the monthly downloads and guide you towards the best solution for your business. 

By upgrading, I will be available to you exclusively once a month for one hour via a Skype call and 24/7 via email. Limited spaces available.

To upgrade your membership, scroll to the very bottom of this page and choose the '£50.00 Membership PLUS Coaching' option.

This is your opportunity to start seeing some real progress, have more time to work on your business and enjoy learning simple techniques that are proven to work.

I can’t wait for you to join us all!

Sarah Louise x


Sarah Louise Smith

Sarah is a highly experienced Social Media Coach with over 14 years of experience in the advertising and online marketing industry. Sarah is not like the other social media 'gurus' and 'experts' that only have theoretical knowledge about what could or should work in social media. She has proven success with global brands, including B&Q, NHS, Google, ITN, Heineken and Harvey Nichols, plus 100's of female entrepreneurs.Sarah founded S L Social in 2015 to teach female entrepreneurs how to connect to their customers and clients using social media marketing methods.Offerings include 1-2-1 coaching, online courses and an affordable social media monthly subscription service - all providing female entrepreneurs with resources and tools they need to increase brand awareness, drive more leads and increase sales via social media. Sarah says "I am where I am today because other women helped me & for that reason, I'll always support women."

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Awesomeness (Workbook)

    • 2018 Key Dates Diary (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • My Little Social Media Booklet (Printables & Planners)

    • Social Media Image Sizes (Templates & Checklists)

    • Successful Women (Inspirational Quote)

    • The Best Is Yet To Come (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Passionate (Bonus Social Post)

    • PR Tick List (Guest Expert - Blossom & Bloom PR)

  • 2


    • How To Populate Your Social Media Content Calendar (Workbook)

    • Monthly Social Content Calendar (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • Yearly Reflections (Printables & Planners)

    • Social Media Action Plan (Templates & Checklists)

    • Kind Heart, Fierce Mind (Inspirational Quote)

    • You Got This (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Determined (Bonus Social Post)

  • 3


    • Finding Your Ideal Customer (Workbook)

    • Social Strategy Plan (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • My Customer Profile (Printables & Planners)

    • How To Create Your Customer Personas (Templates & Checklists)

    • Be Yourself (Inspirational Quote)

    • Be Silly, Be Kind, Be You (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Loyal (Bonus Social Post)

  • 4


    • Create Stunning Social Media Images For Free (Workbook)

    • Blog Post Planning Calendar (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • My Monthly Business Planner (Printables & Planners)

    • The S L Social Style Guide (Templates & Checklists)

    • Without A Goal, You Can't Score (Inspirational Quote)

    • Capture The Beauty of Life (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Ambitious (Bonus Social Post)

  • 5


    • Master The Art of Facebook Groups (Workbook)

    • Facebook Groups Cheat Sheet for Female Entrepreneurs (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • My Weekly Social Media Planner (Printables & Planners)

    • Social Media Audit Template (Templates & Checklists)

    • Flowers Don't Compete, They Bloom (Inspirational Quote)

    • Start Today (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Honest (Bonus Social Post)

  • 6


    • Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business (Workbook)

    • Social Media Spend Tracker (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • My Weekly Achievements & Rewards (Printables & Planners)

    • Create The Perfect Instagram Post (Templates & Checklists)

    • Little Girls With Dreams Become Women With Vision (Inspirational Quote)

    • I Am Going To Succeed (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Powerful (Bonus Social Post)

  • 7


    • The Secrets To Blogger Outreach (Workbook)

    • Blogger Database Template + BONUS LIST OF 240 BLOGGERS (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • Goal Setting Printable (Printables & Planners)

    • Media Kit Example (Templates & Checklists)

    • BONUS! Create Your Own Media Kit Template (Templates & Checklists)

    • Life is Beautiful (Inspirational Quote)

    • Work Like A Boss (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Inspiring (Bonus Social Post)

  • 8


    • Demystifying Social Advertising (Workbook)

    • Facebook Ads Targeting List (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • Lessons I Have Learned Printable (Printables & Planners)

    • Social Media Strategy Template (Templates & Checklists)

    • Out Dream Yourself (Inspirational Quote)

    • Hustle Now, Rest Later (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Adaptable (Bonus Social Post)

  • 9


    • Be Brave, Go Live (Workbook)

    • Facebook Ad Planning (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • My Weekly Goal Planner (Printables & Planners)

    • Facebook Competition Rules (Templates & Checklists)

    • Dress Nicely (Inspirational Quote)

    • Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Creative (Bonus Social Post)

  • 10


    • Your 30 Days Of Social Media Content (Workbook)

    • Digital Marketing Project Plan (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • My Weekly Agenda (Printables & Planners)

    • Twitter Chat Schedule (Templates & Checklists)

    • All I See Is Magic (Inspirational Quote)

    • Don't Look Around, Look Up (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Optimistic (Bonus Social Post)

  • 11


    • Social Media Tools I Swear By (Workbook)

    • Social Media Weekly Report Template (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • My SMART Objectives Printable (Printables & Planners)

    • Stages of a Social Strategy (Templates & Checklists)

    • Self Made (Inspirational Quote)

    • It's The Little Things In Life (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Assertive (Bonus Social Post)

  • 12


    • Create The Perfect LinkedIn Profile (Workbook)

    • Digital Marketing Budget Planner (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • LinkedIn Pulse Article Schedule (Printables & Planners)

    • Social Media Employee Guidelines (Templates & Checklists)

    • Keep Your Head & Heels High (Inspirational Quote)

    • New Beginnings (Desktop Wallpaper)

    • Traits of a Female Entrepreneur: Courageous (Bonus Social Post)

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